Author Topic: Unity build crash when modify substance source sbsar materials  (Read 2304 times)

Hi there
           I was download material from substance source and assign it in unity 5.3.6 when i build original material it will be good. but if i make any adjustment like tile increasing or add secondary map in that material in unity the build was crashed pls help


Hey anbs92,

What substance were you using when it crashed? If I understand correctly, does it crash when you adjust a parameter in the substance?

Hey keston
                Actually my problem is not like that i just tell everything what i did and you can try to find what is the
                1.  I was download cotton_canvas.sbsar material from substance source
                2. Then Drag and drop it into My unity 5.6 project
                3. Assign to my cloth model
                4. Its looking good and i was increased my tile and changes some material parameters in unity
                5. Then save my scene in unity
                6. Finally i build that scene when i open my build(build.exe) its crashed
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Hey anbs92,

I was able to get it to crash exactly as you have described. I have made a bug for this in our bug tracker. Thank you for reporting this issue, and sorry for the inconvenience it causes you.  :-\

Thanks keston I was done the texture by another way i just open that sbsar material into substance player and export all the textures as bitmaps and assign in unity now i got the cloth texture but only thing that i was lost is material tweaking in unity anyhow its okay now


That is great that you found a workaround. If you have any other questions, please let us know. :)