Author Topic: Does UE4 export height maps?  (Read 4450 times)


I am a beginner in Substance and I tried to export materials to UE4, however, while Unreal Engine knows there is a height map, it doesn't seem to apply the height map and doesn't seem to be possible.

Is there a way to import height maps to UE4?

If you're trying to replicate what Substance Designer height maps do in UE4 (that use parallax occlusion, not tessellation), then I recommend googling bump offset and/or parallax occlusion tutorials.
UE4's bump offset is really easy to set up, so I recommend starting with that. If later you decide you want to play around with more advanced options like self shadowing and advanced geometry clipping, then look up tutorials for UE4's parallax occlusion.

Bump Offset:

Parallax Occlusion:
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