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Regarding external texturing...   In the future, I suggest any "top contenders" be required to submit their Painter projects for review.  Then it would be easy for the judges to determine how much they relied on imported textures vs. hand-painting with Substance Painter, how efficiently and cleverly they used Painter, etc.

Regarding "undeserving" winners...  There is no need to be mean or rude to the winners.  You might disagree with some of the judges' decisions, but please don't be mean to the artists.

Regarding the winners, Part 1...  I confess that several of the winners held very little attraction for me, partly because they differ from my style and artistic preferences.  However, when I zoomed in I could see a lot of detailed work that wasn't immediately obvious, and my respect for the entry increased.

Regarding the judging extension... I have no problem with that extension.  It is one thing to have 30% more entries than you expected, but to have a 3x (300%) increase over your previous record, it is understandable they didn't plan for that and needed extra time.  They also added a lot more prizes.  That all sounds good to me.  But maybe they could have used a few more days...

Regarding the winners, Part 2...  Obviously I've been very supportive of Allegorithmic in this (and my prior) post, but I will confess that I, too, am perplexed by some of the winners.  I'm not saying they picked bad ones, only that they seem to have missed better ones.  There were a couple astronauts, deep sea divers, the one with constellations, and a few others posted on the forum that I thought were truly exceptional and surpassed many of the winners.  Am I contradicting myself about insulting the winners?  I don't think so.  I'm just saying some winners were in the "very good" category while some incredibly awesome ones seemed to be missing.  So I'm puzzled, but I'm not going to let it ruin my sleep.  I'm sure it was a lot of work to go through 1,200 entries.  Maybe it's easy for me since I knew I wouldn't be a finalist.  I don't know.  But it's all for fun, sharing, and learning anyway.

BOTTOM LINE...  I had a grand time working on my humble entry, and love, love, loved seeing everyone else's entries posted on the forum.  I'm looking forward to the next contest.  :)
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Jeremie, Jeremie, Jeremie...

If it was an “art contest”, why did you not make it clear that it was not an SP contest? As I said, this would be the natural assumption of many, if not most, entrants.

Considering that your strict stipulations required work to be carried out in Substance Painter, obviously the impression for many was that the focus was on the skill demonstrated with using SP; after all, you are a commercial operation, not an art gallery. Even your own textured Meet MAT model on the competition page had a great big Substance Painter logo emblazoned across its front and the mesh was comprised of a SP material palette and a great big "S" on its base! If the judges were only interested in the final artistic result, then this stipulation should not have been made and artists should have been free to manipulate the model as they saw fit with any other software. Your own comment contradicts what you have said, apparently (see post from ninsix).

Why assume that every contest will receive no more than 400 entries? Presumably, having now realized that the world doesn’t work to simple patterns, you will not make the same illogical assumption that the next competition will receive no more than 1200? By the way, assuming that not all entries were received on the last day, you might consider shortlisting the entrants as they arrive to help cope with the influx.

On your main competition page (, the announcement date still reads:
“Winners will be announced 12 days after the end of the contest, on May 23.”
In fact, the winners were announced late on June 1.

The fact that you required entrants to submit a screenshot of the Meet Mat model in the SP interface demonstrated that the workflow was done inside SP, or at least that was your assumption (I suppose one could fake a composite). So, while this, in your minds, made it unnecessary to provide the work files, the natural presumption was you could always ask the winners to send them. In any case, when you assume that the entrants will assume what you are assuming, well, there is the danger of making an ass out of u and me, as the old joke goes. A bit of systems analysis wouldn't go amiss over there (feel free to pass on my contact as a consultant to your CEO  ;)).

Finally, I could see no rhyme or reason to the selections made by the judges based on any particular criteria. Some seemed to be based on technical skill with SP, others on traditional hand-painting technique, and still others on whatever concept happened to appeal in some highly perochial way to one or more of the judges.

Hence, without any clear judging criteria given or even discernable, rather than a competition, it seemed to be more of a lottery. Or, come to think of it, like an egg and spoon race, where one contestant drops his egg to race past the finishing line first and is declared the winner. Then you are told it was about the swiftest, not the most dexterous. Then when you ask why second place was given to the entrant who crossed the line third, you are told, "because we liked his haircut". ;D
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