Author Topic: tile generator with a sbs  (Read 794 times)

i wanna create a floors tiles, i create the base type tile where i expose  the parameter, i want.
And i want to put this sbs in a tile generator, the generator have the sbs in image input, and the generator repeat the same tile.
How can i do for having random base tile in the generator?

may be i'am not very explicite

1 i create my tile base, and i expose the parameters that i want for have different tyle with the random

2 i create à new substance, and i  want make floor tiles with my tile and the tile generator, how can i do for have differente tile in the tile generator, its possible?

3 i put my tile base in the tile generator in the image input, but the generator repeat the same tile, and i wanna different tile with the exposed parameters
sorry for my poor english
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