Author Topic: Setting to avoid black albedo when exporting metallics to Unity? [solved]  (Read 1548 times)

Hi :)
I was wondering if there is a setting or export option to export albedo maps for unity so that they match the channel view in Substance Painter? It seems Painter exports albedo as black regardless of the base color in cases where the material is full on metallic.

I was struggling for quite a while with chrome surfaces not matching in unity until I actually checked the albedo export :D

Some screenshots (the two of importance are the painter base color channel view and the actual exported base color channel)

Any checkbox or somesuch I'm missing on export? Any pointers are most appreciated :)

Edit: Just to clarify, overriding all metallic with a fill layer set to zero, the albedo exports the way it looks in Painter's base color channel view.
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Export the base color. You need to set this in the Export Configuration: duplicate the Preset, then drag-and-drop the Base Color Input Map onto the diffuse color slot/ Output Map to replace it.

Fantastic! Thanks a million, Volker :)