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Hi, the plugin for Houdini doesnt seem to work for me at all... I can load the sbsar file (which takes a ridiculously long time btw), I can see material parameters but changing those does nothing - render is always just sort of gray color and viewport shows nothing, as opposed to what I've seen in presentation videos.

Due to zero posts complaining about plugin not working at all, I assume mistake must be on my side. And probably it's gonna be something trivial. I tried on two different workstations with two different Houdini 16 builds (no difference).

Thanks for any help. D.
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Hey davpe1984,

What exact version of Houdini are you using? Also how are you assigning the substance to the mesh?

Just to make sure it's not a sbsar issue, can you upload your sbsar and post it here or email it to me at  :)

I have the similar issue on Windows, the same sbsar file works on the same houdini version(the latest) in linux, but in windows, I cannot render anything with it.

hey keston, thanks for your reply. actually, I tried on 3 different hardware setups and different versions of houdini: houdini FX 16.0.557, houdini indie 16.0.600 and houdini apprentice 16.0.600 (not absolutely sure with build no. 16.0.600 but i think so - i can verify that later today). substance plugin is the latest one.

now on computers with houdini fx and indie, it did not work at all (I mean viewport or mantra rendered nothing and loading sbsar took more than a minute). with Houdini Apprentice thou (and same sbsar files), I had working viewport, sbsar file loaded almost instantly, but no luck with Mantra.

Graphic adapters (if that matters) were nvidia geforce gtx 1080, nvidia quadro 4000 M and nvidia quadro 2000 M (that one worked in viewport). CPUs were Intel Xeon and two quad core i7.

i tried few different sbsar files. I used some presets available in substance designer (specificaly bricks_005.sbsar and also few other ones). then I also tried couple of setups from other artists around here but those I can't share.

thanks for your help. D.
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Hey davpe1984,

I have no issues with using the substance plugin with Houdini FX 16.0.557 on my end. I am able to import a substance instantly and render with Mantra.

If you cannot share a substance that I can test with, can you share how you are setting up your substance inside Houdini?