Author Topic: Assembly line painting different assets in Substance  (Read 990 times)

I have a group of models that are related to each other but are not part of a final assembly. They each have their own material in Maya. For the sake of argument, suppose its a bunch of small car parts: lets make a sample list:

1. Piston
2. Screw
3. door handle
4. gear shift knob

To keep these guys together, I'd like to send them all to substance in a single file and paint them individually. The benefit of having them all in one file is I can quickly copy and paste layers freely between them.

Because of the way Substance generates the map such as normal, AO, metallic, etc., I currently have to separate these pieces so they they don't physically overlap. Otherwise, Substance will bake AO between each of the piece.

My biggest complaint with this is that Substance gets lost where the center point of a given model should be. And I'm constantly fighting to get substance to center around the model I am painting.

Is there a way to bring all the pieces into a single substance file at the origin and treat each of the pieces as their own separate island?

When basking your AO, if you switch self occlusion to "only same mesh name", you shouldn't have any self occlusion between your different objects.