Author Topic: Correct/Optimal Workflow for Complex Interior Objects  (Read 1166 times)


I am looking for some advice on the correct workflow for a complex object I am creating.

I'm working with 3DS max and substance painter 2.

I am creating a model of a spaceship, which requires both a visible exterior and interior (It's for a game).

This has presented a challenge. Unwrapping and texturing the entire ship as a single object is not really possible due to the complexity, so I decided to model the ship in several pieces, with each interior room being once piece.

This worked well, but I am now having a problem aligning the textures between these different objects.

This image should show what I mean:

Here, the upper texture is one object, and there are several rooms below this, which are individual objects, once of which has a texture on it.

What I want to do is match up the texture from the upper object to the lower object, without leaving a seam, while still being able to unwrap the interior as a separate object. I would also like to be able to eliminate seams around the windows, etc.

My knowledge of unwrapping and texturing is not extensive, so this may be simpler than I am making it, but I would appreciate any advice than I could get.