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How do I import my Source downloads into Designer? I can't seem to find any documentation regarding how to import Substance materials.

Thanks :)


Hey, you just have to drag N drop them into your project in the explorer view ;)

Is there no way to add them to the folder structure so I can actually preview them? Seems a bit of a slow workflow if I have to just keep guessing and adding from explorer.


Which folder structure? you mean to see them in the library?
Yes you can:

Ah! Thank you thank you thank you! Literally hours I've been trying to figure this out :D

Cheers!  ;D

Sorry, I have to come back to this again!

So I followed the guide but it still doesn't give me what I want or at least it seems not without a massive amount of work (unless I'm doing it wrong).

The way that is explained in that guide, I can add a folder and then set a filter to it so that it just gives me materials with the parameters set with that filter. So for example, I download a load of Substance Source ground materials and I store them all in a folder on my HD called "ground". All I want to be able to do is browse the contents of that folder within Substance Designer so I can quickly select materials (plus the same for all the other materials I have). But the problem is they all have different unique names so if I create a filter with "contains" as a parameter and enter the word "ground", it will only give me any materials that have "ground" literally in the title but if any of the ground materials don't have that word in there, I then have to create another filter or rename my files so that they are included. I have tons of textures as well that I would like to be able to access as well but again, there is no way that this would work with filters or I'd be there for days setting them up. is there a way to just link to a directory on my HD so I can just open it up in Substance Designer and browse the contents?

Sorry if I'm misunderstanding, I just want Substance Designer to be able to keep up with the speed I work at and fishing around in directories and setting up tons of filters etc is just way too time consuming.

Hope you can understand where I'm coming from!

Thanks! :)
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Okay - I think I have worked out a roundabout way of doing this, just in case anyone else is interested.

For my filter I chose "URL" as the search parameter and entered the path of my directory which stored my files.

Now I can just create a filter for each of my folders and set it to include "All".