Author Topic: A couple of new production ideas  (Read 1751 times)

Hey guys,

I am really happy to have the new Beta and it is getting better every time I see. After using it today, I have some new ideas for better creation details, especially for smaller details. Here are some features I would love to see:

1) Curve Brush: What this brush will allow artists to do is to add details along a curve that can be moved at ANY TIME to any location on the model. Example, you can use the curve to add a thread pattern on a piece of geometry and base it on ANY substance material or use it as a mask on a fill layer. It is similar to Photoshops Stroke Path, except it is editable at ANY TIME.

2) Transform operator: After trying to move something on a layer (maybe I am doing this wrong or I don't know how to do it), I would love to see a transform operator for layers and decals. So that it can be move anywhere at anytime.

3) Visualisation of Attributes: This may be a future update, but I would love to see parts of a mesh show shader properties like transmission in real time such as for Skin shaders.

I have more ideas, but I want to keep playing with the beta:)
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