Author Topic: Ability to Handle Multiple Maps for a Single Object  (Read 2249 times)

I have not yet been able to figure this one out, if SP has it, so I thought I would add it to the request forum. :)   

I would really -love- with all of my heart if Substance Painter could handle objects with multiple maps.  A great many of the objects I work with are of such size and detail that they've been crafted to use multiple maps (the head of a creature may have its own material/map, for example, while the body may be handled by another material/map).  It's a relatively common practice for the models that I work with, because they are designed to be seen in both extreme closeups and from a distance.   If Substance Painter does not have this capability already, could we please have it added to a later version?

I would be willing to bribe!!!!

I would like to support this feature request.

I was quite surprised that this feature is not implemented yet as its a quite common practice to use multiple textures per 3D Object. Most other 3D Apps have no problems handling this, so I see it as an essential addition to substance painter.

This is coming "very" soon! :)

OMG!  You weren't kidding, were you!  Is that what I see in today's newsletter for Beta 8???  I can't wait for next week to get here!  Thanks you guys!!!!!!!!!!