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Purchased on Unity Asset Store (Indie)...

Painter now says new version (Build 358)
Where is the download..both account and trial version link to 354?


Question about installs..

So it seems you can only install 2 times/machines?
Does the steam version have these limits?

I work on a Desktop PC, Tablet PC, Laptop, and Mini-Mac

Since steam only allows you to be logged in on 1 system at a time, would requesting a steam version work in this case?

If i reinstall windows (say I upgrade from Win7 to Win8)...will your system know it's the same computer or waste one of my installs?
*I don't see any way to deactivate an install before upgrading


The build 358 is a mistake on our end, it's a not a public release. There will be however an official release tomorrow.
If you wish a Steam key, or to reset your activations, just send us an email at

Head of Product Management