Author Topic: 2D Viewport Output to bitmap  (Read 864 times)

This may seem like an odd request but would it be possible to output the 2D viewport to a bitmap? Basically whatever is currently displayed in the window, preferably with some padding but it's not essential. I'd like to use a base colour map with the PBR lighting baked in with an old game engine that supports no advanced lighting techniques. I can do it by taking screenshots but to get nice, high res samples requires taking multiple shots zoomed in, panning around and then stitching them back together. One slip of the scroll zoom and I have to start all over.

I've already tried replicating the lighting in other 3D software but it's never quite the same or it simply doesn't allow texture baking of the lighting with certain shaders.

Thanks for the feedback (you are not the only one: it's quite high on Uservoice :))
As the lighting is not the same in the 2d and 3d view, it requires some additional work (no ETA on this).