Author Topic: Small Problems with the bake tools  (Read 1739 times)

Hi there,

I just wanted to make a list of features that are either missing or not working properly.

1) UV Space. I would like to choose what range I am baking. This is especially important for files with UDIMs.
The workaround is having a duplicated file (from the one I use later in painter) where I assign a different material to every UDIM, and then move all the UVs between 0 and 1. This way I can bake by material... which brings me to the second problem.

2) Bakers don't remember the selected materials. If I want to... let's say, bake the normal map for "material1", then the normal map for "material2", I will have to manually activate/deactivate my bakers, and correctly select the material material in the left column by hand, baking each one at a time. I consider this a wrong behaviour/bug, as I loose the ability to batch the baking process.
An "Override selection" checkbox would be useful here.
3) Filenames with lower-case letters only.
In "Override Common Output File Parameters", when choosing a name for the baked file, only lower-case letters are allowed. In our pipeline we use lower and upper case letters for filenames (yes, I know :D), and changing the name later is a bit a annoying.

4) Folder name always defaults to the Substance Designer folder when activating "Override Common Output File Parameters".
This is a bit annoying, because I would prefer it would keep the folder specified when the override checkbox is not activated. Instead, if I just want to change the filename, I need to change the path everytime.
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Hey, thanks for the suggestions,: I'll share this with the team.