Author Topic: How to edit sbsar materials  (Read 13546 times)

Hi there i was download materials from substance share and substance source . how do i edit sbsar materials i need to change diffuse color or need to change something else how can i do that

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sbsar files can be opened in Substance Painter, Substance Designer or in the free Substance Player where they can be tweaked and exported as bitmaps.

Heh. I can accept that the inner works are locked down, but I wish we could edit the metadata. Some of those Substance Share archives have essentially no searchable data or even thumbnails. I downloaded a fair number, but odds are I'll never use them simply because I can't find them or distinguish them from similarly named substances in my library.

Since I can't add metadata or decent thumbnails, I can't fix the problem myself. I'll probably load them up once, as a reference for building my own version I can manage.

NEway, that's just my two-cents.
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