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Hello. The sixth version of the program is the Developer of the substance. And there is a problem. The matter is that I create a material in the substantial designer, in which an incoming image is required to generate a certain map. Everything seems to be normal. Created, configured as seen in the first screenshot. I exported correctly and imported as a consequence.
Unreal Engine 4. Then there was a problem. The fact is that the engine refuses to insert into the slot the image I need and process it as the material that I created dictates. Help me please.


Hi Bers,

I Could not locate the images that where meant to be linked in your OP, so I am not sure on your set up, but starting with the obvious (apologies but I often miss the obvious myself so its always the first thing I go to), did you Link or Import your bitmaps into designer? Obviously Linked resources are not saved with the .sbsas file and can be lost.

I my self like to use an input node instead of hard wiring the map into the substance, I then expose this node and actually add the image inside UE4, this means I can change and update the image without having to go into SD and re-export the substance each time I make an edit, it also means that any images the substance depends on are always with your game level too.

Finally you might want to try the Export with Dependencies option to pull everything into one place. This can be found by right clicking on your package name in the explorer window. And can be a good way of making sure all of your content is together before exporting the substance.

Hope some of this helps.

Joel B.
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