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Final renders

Meet MAT concept

Very impressive textures and quite artistic.

Thank you. I had a lot of fun working on this project. I made the textures from scratch (most as tilables) mainly inside of Substance Designer which I then took into Substance Painter. The mud underneath Mat's feet had a little help from Zbrush, and the flowers on the front of his body and head had a little help from Zbrush and Maya, but the ivy leaves (minus the vines) were entirely from Substance Designer.

I uploaded a few of the main textures below for a better look.

At the very bottom are two texture sheets of the healthy and diseased flowers. I set up my Substance materials for the flowers and the ivy leaves so that I could adjust the individual leaf colors, the disease amount, and vary the disease location on the flowers and the ivy leaves through parameters. These materials ended up being very performance intensive as I was working at 4k with the intent of preserving some detail once I rendered at a much lower resolution. I would need to go back and optimize these materials greatly if I were to use them again for another project. It was a fun experiment though.

Thanks for looking. Cheers!

Mossy Hawthorn bark exterior

Muddy ground

Mossy stone

Rusty metal

Hawthorn bark clean interior

Healthy flower texture sheet

Diseased flower texture sheet