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There is probably a real simple answer, I just haven't found it yet :(
How do you mix the 2 substances in the Airstream demo?
You obviously use a "clean" and  "dirty" substance/texture for each, but in your videos you only show the sliding of the bar to mix the two substances together.

Basically I would like to do the same thing in my own project.  Use a clean substance/texture for the base and then be able to apply how much of the dirt I want.

Thanks for any help you could provide and sorry for the "newb" question.

It's actually just one substance in which we exposed a parameter taht changes the look of it from clean to dirty, by blending some noises and masks on top of the clean texture.


Thank you for the response.  I will do my best to replicate the effect  ;)

By the way, you can download the Airstream project on the Unity Asset Store, with sources. That should help you to understand how it works.

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Uhm, unless you meant other sources, the Airstream on the Unity asset store comes without .sbs files, only cooked .sbsar's. I had to redownload it to check if it was changed from what I remembered.

Ditto, and I'm hoping to see them.