Author Topic: V-Ray and C4D  (Read 5849 times)


I've been struggling to get a substance into V-ray.  I don't see much about it, how do I export to VrayforC4d 3.4?



im searching for a solution to get from substance painter to vrayforc4d. Did you find a solution? Or does anybody know if there is a proper solution?

I was looking for the same info, current Substance Painter to Vray doesn't seem to work correctly, looks terrible, I have tried many ways, but result never been close to original Painter viewport or Iray render.

Hi there,

here is a good example file how you can solve it.

Hope this helps :)

(you have to log in to the vrayforc4d forum to get access to this forum i guess)


I don't think it's a right way... Can a substance painter official member can make a tutorial ? As we see, they forgot c4dvray user ...




Where are developper of substance here for help us ?


Hello ? Where are you ?