Author Topic: SBSAR import for cinema 4D with redshift render  (Read 5464 times)

Hi everyone,

I took a look at this tutorial but couldn't adapt it for cinema 4d and redshift - I don't get it  :-\

What is the trick for using sbsar in cinema 4d rendering with redshift?

Thanks for your help :)


So... is this the right way?

pipeline >> Substance Enginge >> load Substance

redshift >> materials >> tools >> Create Materials from selected Substance Assets

Or is there a better way?  ???

Looks a bit shitty compared to the examples at substance source (the grey and the green one)  ???

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To be honest, I've noticed that live substance materials (sbsar) brought into C4D look better in standard and physical render.

We have the conversion tool you mentioned in the redshift menu, but I don't think it always gets things right.  Also, the Substance plugin for C4D is incapable of 16 bit (or higher) grayscale, which is required for proper displacement.

So, I almost never use a live substance material.  Instead I use the baked cache files, or I use Substance Painter.

The thing is, unless you need the material to be live because you plan to animate a parameter, there's really no reason to use a live material inside C4D.  It always has to bake to raster files anyway, which kills the benefit of being able to get "real time" feedback of a live material.