Author Topic: Controll 2 parameters on 2 different nodes with one slider/float?  (Read 1251 times)

I have a tile material and I want to make it so I can change tiling straight in unity. The thing is the tiling for color, cracks and AO need to be matched. For example, if the tiling for color is 4x4 and the AO and cracks are 2x2, I get cracks (and their AO) between the tiles to not match the tiling itself. If you get what I'm saying.

Basically I need multiple parameters on 3 different nodes to be the exact same number. And it gets tedious to change all 3 by hand and even more when the numbers have to match perfectly.

If you want to tile the entire material, it's best to use the tiling option inside unity, since this way you don't lose any resolution per tile.

When you expose a parameter, if you know that you will always want other nodes to use the same values, you can tell them all to use the same exposed parameter. so say for example I have a Material that can blend between clean and dirty, rather than create 3 exposed opacity parameters for the Diffuse, Roughness and normal blend nodes, I will expose the first (say diffuse) and call it Clean/Dirty Blend, and then when I expose the other 2 blend node opacity values, I simply choose the original parameter from the dropdown list, now all 3 will use that one parameter and always be set the same.

This can be done for any exposed node, so for tiling like you wish it to be. I hope I have understood your question correctly, and hope it helps.

Joel B.