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hi there,

seems I can not get my SVG mask from mesh... In baker, all ID´s I used in blender are there - but the bake is just empty (black with alpha channel) - no matter what color mode I use.

Tried obj, fbx, dae, 3ds - Materials are there, but no bakes at all, just empty...  :(

What is going on?!
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Apparently, there is no uv in your mesh, or for some reason Designer is unable to find them (the "UV Set" selection widget is empty).

So I must UV-Unwrap the Highpoly mesh to bake the "material-info"  ?  :o

Hmmmm, ok I UVed the highpoly now (projected it from top-down-view) and it works for .fbx export. This was quick, it´s just a panel, basically "flat" so top-down approach works here...

But when having let´s say a full blown, highpoly-sculpted 3D character... one have to UV it all?! OMG, that´s tons of work  :o

Thought, SD would be able to read this without having to do this...

Or will it be enough, just to do "Unwrap" - not matter what the result will look like - main thing is just to have it "UVed" ?
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All bakers require uvs on the mesh for which the textures are baked, and this one is no exception.
If you use this baker on your high poly mesh, you are baking a texture for your high poly mesh, which I suppose is not what you want to do.
I suspect what you are looking for is a way to bake a texture for your low poly mesh based on the material colors from your high poly mesh, in which case you would need uvs on your low poly but not on your high poly.

In Designer 4.3.1, the only baker that can transfer colors from the high poly mesh on the low poly uv space is the vertex color baker. In Designer 4.4, we will add options to also bake from the high-poly material color, mesh id or polygroup id.

No, I just wanted to create a mask for the Material Color blend Node. My low poly is just a plane (1 Face) and I want to create a Texture (Kind of sci-fi Panel) for use on a flat geometry, like a wall.

Now, I got my high poly, where I have all stuff Modeled, like lamps, Lines and so on. I assigned different materials to different faces of the mesh...

I want to use this to get a material Distribution Map out in SD.

Then I should be able to create a Texture... That was the plan.

Is my approach wrong?

But glad to Here, that in Future releases SD would be function, like I did assume it would today

I don't understand why you think we disagree.
You want to make a texture (or a mask) for your low poly mesh (flat square) based on information (material colors) which is in another mesh (the high poly mesh) and therefore the "uv to svg" is not what you are looking for since it works only on one mesh.
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Ok, so what I am looking for, then?!

The new bakers in 4.4
Or, until then, paint your material colors as vertex colors in your high poly mesh and use the vertex color baker.

Ahhhhh - now, I know what´s going on, hehehehe  ;D

Sorry, I confound things here! Jap, it´s vertex-colors baker vs UV2SVG baker...

Like the name says: UV to SVG baker  ;)
So I have to have some UVs to make use of it - damm, I was in front of PC for too long so maybe could not see the forest, because of all the trees.

Anyways, great to have "bake from material color" in the future, which will be pretty cool.

Best regards and thanks for support!


I installed 4.4.1 a few minutes ago... still no "Bake SVG from Material-color/ID" in there... am I missing something? Or will this feature find it´s way to SD in a later version?

Best Regards

... so this feature will be avail in next version?


It is there since 4.4.0.
It is named "Color Map from Mesh". Its output is a bitmap and not an svg since baking from high poly to low poly is done by raytracing.


I was not aware of that, sorry!

Can this BMP be used for a mask (MaterialColorBlend Node)?

Sorry again, can not test it myself now... because manual licence-activation fails :(

Best regards
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Wow, that´s great news!

/ finally solved (4 real)