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After technological breakthrough in space travel, colonizing space became possible. First settlers took off from Earth spreading like seeds on stellar winds reaching far and wide into the black in search of new planets to terraform. Unfortunately for unknown reason communication links with Earth went silent, leaving terraformers to their destinies.

After centuries passed some of them disappeared, some starved, but some of them survived. Without contact from others, abandoned, they had to move on. Earth became a myth, a tale, an echo...

... but if you listen closely you might even hear echoes telling the story of home long lost.

Idea was to create forgotten and weathered monument that would hint the place of origin of the human race.

Body of the statue is engraved with different constellations visible from Earth. Here on image you can see some of them being pointed out.

Instead of the face there is a gold engraving of planets in Solar system position exact as on 11. May 2017. when contest ends. Eight planets (no Pluto :P) with sun as a dot in the middle.
Idea is that statue is looking for it's way home (Earth).

If you reduce the environment exposure setting in Substance, you can easily see emissive map showing through.
Previously hidden by flowers now the constellations are fully visible on black, like watching stars on the black sky.

On the face itself, tiny blue dot is of course Earth with it's orbit.
Also visible is information of where is our galactic center, and therefore one more key into finding where Earth is.

Of course flowers that grow on this moss covered statue are nature taking it's way, but intent behind is to give viewer feeling of hope and optimism, contrast to blackness of space.

Some more screenshots as well as sketchfab model you can check on Artstation:

Thank you all for watching!

Wow, what an epic story!

I love how you incorporated the constellations, and then used emissivity to display features when it's dark.

Brilliant.   :D
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Winner for creativity and execution. Sick work.

Brilliant stuff!

Creative, original and well executed.


Thank you for your support, I'm really glad you like it!