Author Topic: Meet MAT - Karsten Sperling - My Collection  (Read 7033 times)


I just missed to add my Meet MAT´s here, on the forum.

So here you got my complete collection: 

this one was my entry Meet MAT - "FutureMAT"

my 1st idea was Meet MAT - "MAD-D-VA W.I.P."

followed by Meet MAT - "MAD-D-VA Game over!"

then came along Meet MAT - "IRONMAT MK-I" 

and his follow up Meet MAT - "IRONMAT MK-II"

...and finally another concept, i was working on Meet MAT - the Speed MAT W.I.P

that´s all folks...


Hey, thanks for sharing all those pictures.  Lots of nice work.

The "Speed" MAT brought an instant grin to my face.  That was an excellent Evel Knievel.   :)   8)
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hahaha - he was my inspiration for this :)

thanks for commenting