Author Topic: Meet MAT: Hippie Mat - Rene Desouza Entry  (Read 721 times)

Hi guys,

Rather late to the party, but after sometime I've mostly settled down with my base concept. I'm going with robot Mat embracing a hippie human look. I'm trying for a fabric look to his jeans and coat, but hoping to make the art on his chest/face with a sort of mosaic stone look in place of typical hippie body paint. The face is meant to represent a sun although his 'face' is basically a display. His base material otherwise is anondised metal although I'll probably deal with this last.

Not 100% sure on where I'm going with this. I've only been studying Substance for a month or two in college so I'm not very confident with the software, but I plan on giving this my best over the next 2 days. Feedback and C&C is most welcome!