Author Topic: Meet MAT: Daniel Swing  (Read 2093 times)

EDIT: My final MAT: Check out my ArtStation for more images and a marmoset viewer! (My submission was rendered in Iray, don't worry).

Hello substance forum! I'm going to make a Knight-MAT!
A quick sketch:

Here's my first WiP image of the base:

I'll have to familiarize myself with Iray asap, I only get grainy results.
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WiP image #2: Started on the body today.

WiP image #3: Further improved on the body.


So was that about a 24-hour time span that you worked on it?  You're fast, and that makes it even more impressive.
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Thank you!
I started sketching a concept last Friday but started the texturing process on Monday. It's probably around 8 hours of actual work, so far.

WiP image #4: Think I'm done with the body now.

WiP image #5: Wrapping this up tomorrow!
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You can find more images and a marmoset viewer on my ArtStation!