Author Topic: Meet MAT - Cyberpunk  (Read 3110 times)

Hi everyone!
Cool challenge, I'm in!
I just started to learn Substance, mostly I was making some materials for Indie projects in Unity, but time has come! Time to intensive learning of Substance Painter.
I wanna make some kind of cyberpunk buddy, first I've made concept over 3d model (It has helped me a lot). Right now I'm only finished base of Height map and Normal. Further it's gonna be more factures on materials ofcourse.

One more update.
Just started to work on materials, looks terrible, but I will work on that tomorrow. It will be the last day wich I can spend for contest(((

Keep working on...
I have made few Gradients in Designer, for Lava and Burned Metal, it helped me a lot.

It was awesome contest! Thank you Allegorithmic for such a interesting way to do challenges.
My Final Images: