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I have owned Substance Painter for a while but I never produced anything of merit using it. Just messed around in the view looking at all the cool materials.

I just found out about the contest a couple of days ago and was super stoked when I saw so many awesome entries.

I love to play golf so I figured I would make my MAT look like a driver. Here's my plan.

And here's my first pass.

I am having a little bit of difficulty with painting my height maps though. I use multiple layers and so far I have had to erase height details on lower layers that I don't want to show through on higher ones. I thought that if I set the blending mode of the higher layer to Replace then the details of the lower height map would only show in areas I had not painted in the higher layer. Pretty sure I have a fundamental misunderstanding of how I should paint height maps though. Any education you all can provide would be appreciated. Also a brief tutorial on adding wrinkles and deep cavities in my height maps would be great.

Looking forward to learning a lot more about how to use this awesome program to the fullest!
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Looks nice!
I personally use masks with fill layers. Then copy them on new layers and invert. So any time you can change any parameter and adjust mask with filters and levels.

you can use mask like asicson's suggest
another way is change the height layer blending, a bit of tricky though

I just submitted my entry for the contest. Here's my screen shots.

Thanks to my new friends @greghughes, @justaviking, @pelixiano and @asicson for their suggestions and direction.

Best wishes to all in the contest!

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Looks good.  :)

The turf was a nice touch.

I haven't golfed for a while, a few years actually, but you can still probably find some of the balls I lost on various courses.  While most people consider the price of green fees and cart rental, I would estimate how many balls a round of golf would cost me.   :P

I like your texturing, and would love to see a post from the backside, too.
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Looks good!
Happy to help:)

Here's some more shots of my entry. Hope you guys like him!

Substance Painter - Meet MAT Contest by vincerussell on Sketchfab

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Great job!!!  Thanks for posting the extra pictures.  :)
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It's a birdie!))