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Hey all

I decided to indulge in this contest a bit, not really a substance user but have been using it on and off. So just trying to have fun. I am going to try to do 2 and then ask peoples input on which one they like the most. Here is my WIP on the first one. Going for robot/tron/scifi look, just exploring good design/patterns at this stage. The head and base have not been touched yet. Hoping to post more soon. Also for fun I printed this little guy and it came out great !


** I changed the environment angle, this angle as more drama haha
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So got some time to work on this, the more time ticks away I think I won't be able to do 2. Really want to polish this one before I move on. time will tell.

Face still just testing designs, not sure I will stay with this.The back of the head I haven't done much (texture material wise just normal map). The base probably needs some love. Then overall needs paint/material break up maybe fiberglass type of panels?


Got a bit of time and my eyes are burning to much fun, the combinations you can do with color and contrast are crazy. I wish my Iray worked with gpu then wouldn't of had to wait long for renders. Head still not worked on properly

Hope to finish up soon.

Final entry to competition :)

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