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Meet Mat: MATMAN: Dawn of Substance

Author Topic: Meet Mat: MATMAN: Dawn of Substance  (Read 5222 times)

Hi there!
I'm very excited to participate in this competition. So greate opportunity to get some basic texturing knowlege and skills :)
So i decided to made my Mat something like armored Batman from the "Batman vs Superman". Here is my references.

My progress for today. Working on height and normals. Some quick texturing
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Stil working on the head. Add some details on height map.

That's look very nice keep it up man, I can't wait to see the finished project :)

In rules topic i found out a discussion about using in this contest zbrush's sculpting to adding a details to the Mat's normal map. For my project i have made a couple custome alphas using zbrush, but for now i decided to make all details of my MatMan completly in SP. So He will be nonZbrush detailed :) Spent some extra time to remade a mouth using only defoult SP's brushes, smugle, blur filter and height parametrs. Hame some work on Matman's underwear pattern and test some smart materials.

Matman get some armors. Still a lot of need to do. Just hope that i will finish not to late.

So here is my final entry

Excellent, love the exposed belly  ;D

Amazing :)

Thank you, guys! I'm new in texturing, so your support is very important for me.

Great idea and final result!

Thank you, guys! I'm new in texturing, so your support is very important for me.

You did a great job.  It is a pleasure add my name to your list of fans.

That expression on his face is priceless.  I probably make the same expression every 5 minutes when working on projects; not because of the software, but because I don't use it enough to remember where everything is or how it works.  Garrr... gotta go search the manual or find another tutorial...  Grrrr...
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Somebody stop me! Although time for submission has come out, i still continue to clean up my work and make some renders. There should be only one: eithere i or my graphic card :) Thank you Ostapblender2020 and Justaviking - your support and works inspires me! Check out my latest improvments and extra renders. On Artstation you can see it in 3d https://www.artstation.com/artwork/kRxxz

[img width=1920
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