Author Topic: Meet MAT: Romain Pommier_ Gangsta Mat  (Read 4292 times)

Hi Everyone !
I would like to test something fun for Mat... Gangsta Mat! (Inspired by Chappie , obviously!)
I will try to do before the end of the contest ^^

Quick sketch for MAT


First path on the height and normal details. This little gangsta robot started to take some life !

It was really funny to do the clothes effects ! ^-^

Some update on other details (damage, jewelry, bandage) .


Don't mess with Mat!
Great job, keep it up!

Hi ! Thank you ! :D

For this update i've tried some color preview in photoshop while the baking from my normal map ends x) .


Feel free to give me your favorite and feedbacks ... if you have one of course :D

And now it's time to texture MAT !

I think I need some tweak on the color ! but he's here ! Next step .... MORE GRAFFITI ! :)

Better like this ! I think .

Add some base shape for the graffiti and now let's do the details ^^

First path of the day !

Here is my entry ! It was really funny to do it and i hope you like it  ^^ Thank's everyone !

The face reminds me of Jailbot from Superjail! :D

And obviously, great work!