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Does Iray only support NVIDIA GPUs?

It looks great, but is way too slow for me to use in Designer with a Radeon A9, and it doesn't seem like I can change it from CPU to GPU rendering.

Yes. If you don't have a Nvidia GPU, you can only use a CPU.

Hi Bakebv,

Sergey is right !
Iray is a technology developed by Nvidia, so if your GPU is not an Nvidia, the rendering will be handle by your CPU.   
So that's why you render is slow. 
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As was already pointed out, Iray is an Nvidia product, so it's not surprising it doesn't run on AMD cards.
But at least you CAN use Iray even if you don't have an Nvidia card.
Slow is a lot better that nothing.
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Any word on possible ProRender integration into SD/SP? It's AMD's Iray equivalent.

So far nothing scheduled, but I'll share the idea with the team.


I'd just like to toss in my support for ProRender. It's OpenCL based, so AMD and nVidia cards can use it. Seems like a perfect choice for Substance, tbh. :)


Paul L. Ming

I would also like to see an alternative to Iray. 

Iray has always been a problem for me with my setup.  I'm at a point now where I just export texture sets back out and use Blender for actual testing.  Really slows me down, but constantly having Iray crashing leaves me little alternative.

Sorry to necro but i would also like to see pro render support since it is the best possible option.

Another vote for Radeon ProRender integration.

Just wanted to drop in and say - AMD Pro Render support please.

Any word on this?

Don't hesitate to submit this feature request on uservoice: