Author Topic: Shape Splatter Question  (Read 407 times)

I've watched the official tutorial video on this node but even after multiple viewings I struggle to grasp certain elements of it, so was wondering if anyone can help me understand. I'm currently working away on this;

Now because I have some tilts on the planks the base and peak of my 'nail' heights are the same because I'm using tile sampler. I know the shape splatter can determine where the base and peak is depending on the background input. That's what I'd love to figure out.

So I set up my nails into the splatter and set them up with the same tile XY as the planks etc but what I need is a global offset so I can move all those dots across to line up better like I did with my tile generator. Does Splatter not have this ability?

Here is where I'm at;

I want to increase the height so I get something more like this;

but then the nails come out way too far! BUT if I just lower them in the height map I get some going in and some coming out. I wish I could use the shape splatter node properly so that the heights of the nail adjust depending on the height of the planks (background) below.