Author Topic: Edge painting defects with Stencil  (Read 1475 times)


Painter 2018.3.3.

Any idea what's going wring here?
When I paint on my mesh with a simple brush, I can paint right up to the edge of the mesh.  Great.

When I use a stencil, pixels along the edge go unpainted.
I tried several different alphas.

It may be connected with this edge being the literal edge of the mesh - there's no polys round the corner.  On the edge with the tick, there are polys round the corner.

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Try to set UV padding to 'UV Space Neighbor' in the Texture Set Settings.

Thanks for the reply, but I'm fairly sure I already tried that.

If it were the neigbour setting, I'd think the problem would show up when I painted with no stencil, but it didn't.

It also seems to work OK when I use the Projection mode, but I really want to get it working in brush mode.
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I can't reproduce this here. Can you share the lowres model/ OBJ?

Thanks for looking.  Partial object attached below.

In the image, left was done without a stencil, right was done with the stencil.

..aaand.. I just managed to recreate the problem with a newly-created primitive object.

And as I half-suspected, it's only happening on UV edges that are at an angle to the UV axes.