Author Topic: painter clumps HDRI  (Read 1259 times)


I imported an HDR image which value ranging from -2 to 2 as a height map in painter.
I exported the height map.
Even though the map is 32bitF, the value is clamped to 0 to 1.
How can I properly export a HDR height map?

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What export format did you use?

Thank you for your reply.

It was 32bit EXR.

I noticed that only gray scale output can export negative number.
file > export textures > configuration > create > gray

Zbrush, 3D-coat, Mudbox, etc can generate floating point displacement map which vale can exceed 1 or -1.
But painter seems only paint between -1 and 1 unless creating another layer.

Arnold or the other renderer displaces 10 grid if the map value is 10.
I think that is the beauty of using floating point displacement map.
Is there any future plan for painter to generate true floating point displacement map?

The [1, -1] limit per layer is a limitation from ou greyscale color picker widget I think and yes, we have plans to lift it in the future.

Thank you.
That would be very helpful.