Author Topic: Meet MAT: Joshua A. Wood Entry  (Read 2204 times)

This is my entry for the Meet MAT 3D Painting Contest. The idea was to make a cute Steampunk version of Amazon's Echo. The little guy is charged from a wireless power sources similar to what Tesla was working on. I made the grid for the face a while back and thought the pixelated face would be a cute touch. The layer under the grind is a fill with a mask so I could make other face for it to have different expressions. The base has a built in stereo speakers and the back of the head has the bass. The screen on the body is a touch screen that can be used in many different was, I setup it to control music for the moment. I made it from a scan line overlay I had.

Very, very cool.
Lots of intricate detail when you take a closer look.
Nice job.
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That's really fun!