Author Topic: Painter 2.6 Scripting not working  (Read 863 times)

Substance painter scripting not working..: Hi I´m trying to make a script to bake in different resolutions and turn off some channels to test bakes quickly, but I can´t change the textureSetBakingParameters by script.

I´m using the code from the web sample and tried everything, from direct reference like "Body" knowing that there´s a Body material, or looking for all textureSets, getting their names and using those variables.

var parameters = alg.baking.textureSetBakingParameters("Body")

parameters.definitions.Ambient_occlusion.enabled = false

//set the new texture set baking parameters
alg.baking.setTextureSetBakingParameters("Body", parameters)

I can change the commonBakingParameters() and works great, but I can´t change the textureSetBakingParameters... there´s no error log , just doesn´t changes the parameters...

can you help me?

thanks in advance

Hi this is a bug indeed and it is being fixed for the next update.

Thanks Jeremie!

I have another question, it´s possible to change the actual FBX model of the project? I can get the url but there´s no function to reload or change this. Am I right?

Not yet.