Author Topic: Substance Painter, PSD and Autodesk Maya Color Management Question  (Read 2263 times)


First of all: I've tried my best to get my head wrapped around a color management workflow between Substance Painter, PSD and Maya the whole day but I didn't get it till now so here goes...

My problem:

I painted a texture for a truck in substance painter. I export it as an SRGB8 to Photoshop as a PSD and implement the PSD into Maya. In Maya the whole Texture looks darkened although in all programs the Color Space is set to sRGB. Is this supposed to happen? I uploaded a screenshot of all three programs open at the same time.

Of course I can change the Color Space in Maya to "raw" and that will correct the picture in Maya but since the Model and Texture is supposed to get into another engine (not Unity or UE4), that won't change the problem at all, I guess.

Again sorry if it seems like some dumb questions, the whole color management topic sadly is something I'm not that familiar with. But should be. Hopefully someone can give me some insights.

Thank you all in advance.

Sincerely, AMess