Author Topic: New Cloth SBSARs Broken?  (Read 2185 times)

Checked with a colleague to make sure it wasn't just me, though some of you can check to make sure it isn't something on our end.

Try downloading and using the following SBSARs from the Source Library and let me know if they show up black/transparent in all outputs regardless of settings changed:

- Silk Satin Moire
- Cotton Guillonay
- Silk Duchesse Satin

There are more but those are the examples off the top of my head. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, my guess is, considering they all share the same base material settings, the SBS file used to create them has a bug in it.

Hi, do you have more information about the context (do you use them in Substance Designer/Painter/Player, or in an integration, which OS) ?
I quickly tried using Substance Designer 6/ Painter 2 and Player 6 (Windows platform), it seems to be ok. We also ran a couple of tests before publishing them.

If you use them in an integration, it may be due to the fact this integration use an older version of Substance engine. Those materials use last engine features, the incompatibility may be due to this.
Let me know if you have more details, thanks.
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I use them in designer, though we are using 5.3.4. I'll try updating and see if they work. Thanks!

Just updated to 6.0.2 and they seem to work, thanks for the help.

Perfect! Indeed, 5.x use an older version of the engine, that's why you had trouble.
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