Author Topic: Extremely Serious Bug in Substance Painter (Please Help I am desperate)  (Read 2668 times)

Hi all

First of all, I am loving Substance Painter. I am curretntly running the trial and I have all the intention to buy the license. I currently use 3DCoat with have some limitations about texture painting that SP covers.

My workflow is very simple, I don't use PBR, I pretty much use color channel. I only use normal maps baked from my High poly ZBrush sculp just to help me draw the stroke lines (my art is more comics oriented)

The crazy issue I am having is. After I paint in a Black mas over a Fill Layer to create a fake "Ambiente Oclusion", I save and everything is beautuful, when I close and open SBP again it messes with what I painted!!!!

Imagine my frustation after working for hours painting the shades next day everything is messed up.

I tried to reset computer, I updated my Geforce Graphic card drives and nothing solves

I'm posting a sequence of events to show this issue, please help me. I really need to figure this out.. thanks in advance:

Before painting the shading

After painting the shading

After closing SP, opening it again, clicking on my layer

another example:

after painting

after saving, closing Substance Painter, opening it again, click that layer

Another update, it seems this issue is happening just for masks

if I use regular layer and paint over that it works fine when close/open substance painter and click on the TextureSet List item

it is a ungly workaround my workflow. I indeed lose a lot of flexibility not using fill layer + black mask.

I'd rather have this issue solved, any tips are welcome please.

not sure why I am not getting any reply. Am I missing something obvious in the workflow?

Can you confirm that the mask (alt-click on it to see it on the model) ends up being different when you open Painter again? Does it look like it's missing actual strokes or does it look like color paletization to you?
Do you use a tablet and pressure sensitivity to paint these strokes?
Could you alss please attach a log file?

Hi Jeremie

I am answering your questions in this video. I hope this is clear enough.

Let me know of any other questions, thanks.

Thanks for the video, we are going to look into it. You can send me stuff through private message if there is any confidential information you want to keep private.
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Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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