Author Topic: Meet MAT: Bohdan Lvov Entry  (Read 3807 times)

This is my entry. Inspired by recent episode of Doctor Who and it's Emojibots. And by Stormptroopers, Mass Effect Andromeda, Pacific Rim, Iron Man and who the hell knows what else.  :)


Pretty rough and at concept stage. So much to do, so much decisions to make! :-)
This robot indicates what on his mind on a display. In Doctor Who these guys just killed everyone, but Mat-Emojibot seems to be in the mood for some Substance magic.  :)
I have more or less consistent idea of the story and character of this guy, but I still have to figure out what for he was designed and for what environment. Planning to make him used, but not heavy - just a dust a maybe few scratches. No heavy damaging!

That's strange how geometry limitations boosts creative choices! I felt that than started to work on this, and as I can see by the number of contestants with brilliant ideas - that's not only my feeling.  ;)
Thanks to the Allegorithmic for inspiring us!


Shapes almost defined, soon I'll proceed with the materials. :-)


I think that's the final entry.  :)

Post it at last! There is few more images:

Cool job. I like this version of this character!