Author Topic: Meet MAT: Aaron Valderrama (Valartys) Entry  (Read 2470 times)

Hello Everyone.

Well, for my entry I wanted to make something like a lighthouse keeper but having like a typical "fisher" or "rainy day" outfit, so I searched references and this is what I got.

My Clothes references:

And from that I got this.

This is the result of reference and details work.

Now I'm on the rendering process, which is a pain, since I take like years to finish a clean render. :C

First Render:

And the "Post-Processed" render:

I wanted to have a like a shiny, reflective look, with an "enviroment" that simulates like a rainy day.

I uploaded the model with Substance to Sketchfab.

So, any critic, suggestion, opinion, please express it. This is my first Substance Painter experience and it would come handy if anyone say anything, either bad or good, that could help me becoming a better artist.

Very nice :)

For me, it lacks height detail that would make the shoes look like they're actually OVER the trousers. Same with the jacket over trousers and gloves. If the height info is there, then I think blurring the mask would make the effect more pronounced, by catching more light.