Author Topic: Meet MAT: Tim Hertel entry  (Read 3425 times)

Hi ;-)
After some brainstorming i guess i'll go with a "little helper" theme :-)

Update 1:
The head is halfway done ;-)

Last Edit: April 30, 2017, 05:32:18 pm

Update 2:
Added new details to the head.

Update 3:
More head details yay :-)

Cool.  Nice work.  :)
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Thank you :)

Update 4:
Just more head details ;-)

Update 5:
The head should be ready now. Time for the rest ;-)

Nice work so far.

How did you make the screen?  Tile generator + multiple layers and masks?

Basically yes. The dots are a custom Substance with a tile generator and some masks.
The cracks are from fracture particles.
There is an chromatic acceleration and blur filter applied on the dots inside substance painter. 8)

Update 6:
Started with the body today, still much to do ;-)

Update 7:
Just a quick update for today and perhaps tomorror. Hope i can finish it in time :-\

It's so solid! Good work!

Update 8:
More Body Stuff ;-)

Last Update:
Finally ready ;-)

Artstation with more Images