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Feedback is very important to us and we greatly appreciate and listen to all of them. We are aware that a lot of users have been requesting the ability to merge texture sets during export. We haven’t added this feature and we would like to provide some insight into our reasoning behind why this feature hasn’t been implemented.

The problem with merging sets
Supporting the merge of Texture Sets at export is complicated. This feature is technically challenging for us especially if we want to scale properly. As you can imagine trying to merge textures from multiple Sets could mean combining 10, 20 or even more textures at once. This would have a really big impact on performances and the stability of the computer trying to perform this task.

We can't do the same optimizations that we have inside the application during an export with this process. We also believe this the wrong answer to the initial problem.

What is the solution?
After numerous discussion, we believe the answer is to offer the ability to hide sub-meshes inside of a texture set. Hiding meshes inside a texture is complicated for us technically because of the way Substance Painter works; allowing the reproject brush strokes without worrying about its UVs.

Hiding specific polygons wouldn't work if a mesh is reimported in a project where the topology changed. Instead, we are thinking about hiding sub-meshes by name. This makes sense considering that meshes are already split this way to take advantage of the "Matching By Name" feature of our bakers.

The idea would be to have in the interface a way to isolate or hide specific sub-meshes so you can specify where the tools can work or not.

We feel that many of the requests for merging textures stem from the need to create multiple materials in order to hide texture sets while working. By hiding mesh parts, we can provide a more optimized workflow and eliminate the need to use multiple materials for a hiding process. 

Why is not done yet?
As mentioned just before, the solution sounds simple, but because of the way Substance Painter’s non-destructive workflow works we want to be sure we won't break it. Therefore we have to figure out the last technical questions and then we will plan it in our internal roadmap and implement it in a new version of the software.

Thank You,
Substance Painter Team.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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For those of you still in need of merging texture sets, NeonFraction posted a small utility that does just that on the forum:,24986.0.html