Author Topic: Meet MAT - Allen Grippin entry  (Read 5023 times)

I have a nice idea for this :) I'll get started.
3D art is magic.

I've decided I'm going to make MAT into a voodoo doll. This should be fun :)

I'm getting started!
3D art is magic.

I've "sculpted" in some nice seams and wrinkles using the blur brush, used the stitch tool along the lines, and used the button tool for the eyes. I really like this guy so far.
3D art is magic.

Going really nice!
As feedback would be maybe do more asymmetry. Especially on face. Buttons could be not on same line for example etc.

Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback, I was thinking the same thing. It's a start though.
3D art is magic.


Made him dirtier and a little creepier.  :o He's starting to become a character.
3D art is magic.

Much better :)

My work so far. He's got character! :) A bit more work and I'll get to the base.
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3D art is magic.

Very interesting and unique.
And well done.

I think Tim Burton would approve.
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My entry thus far  :)  My sister said the same thing, "he looks like a Tim Burton character!" I really like this little guy.

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3D art is magic.

I love this! There are so many fun details, and the creepy vibe is great.

Thanks a bunch ^^!

I've fixed a few normal combine issues on his head and added some more details to his base, to make him more voodoo-ey. This is what I have so far.
3D art is magic.

Creepy... nice :) Well done.
My 2 cents, maybe a bit too dark in some places especially in buttons. They look more flat for me than in previous versions.
Maybe I'm wrong...

That would be the filmic color profile provided by Substance Painter. For a lighter, more vibrant look check out the sketchfab ;)

3D art is magic.

Excellent :)