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Ciao.  Thanks for answering my questions and I do understand. Already started and thanks for your help.  Have a great day.

Hey FYI on the Rules Page, there is a missing hyperlink to the IRay information. Figured I'd let you know here. That'd be cool but that's not allowed unfortunately :(

I have one small question. Are the artists using the Substance students licence allowed to compete for the prizes other than the students category?

Ok, so just to be sure: Are we allowed to modify the uv's?

Can we get involved with more than one project? I have one more great idea for my second project, and if im allowed i will start it ! :)
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@ korhonen - did you read reply No33?

Thanks Jeremie - iray works now without facetts.

What still aint that clear is the fact that we can use alphas, but no textures created in other programs.
I mean many alphas like the zbrush ones come from zbrush users themselves-Lets say,bolts or stitches.
I made stitch alphas myself in zbrush.Now its an alpha- can we then still use alphas, or did you mean only grunges or noises?
Thanks for the patience with us  ;D

I've downloaded the new FBX file but I'm getting this error when trying to open it, I've downloaded it couple of times and the same result...

[Scene 3D] Failed to load 3D scene.
Errors have been found while splitting meshes per UDIM tile:
Mesh 'head' has a face spanning across multiple tiles (1, 0) and (0, 0)

What do?!

@alric21 Make sure you didn't check the option to use UDIMs when creating your project.
@Takeko No. The mesh cannot be modified.
@Romanji We'll allow modifying the UVs since the original UVs are not optimal to keep the texel ration uniform on the whole object.
@AmitKilo You can use emissive maps, Iray doesn't support tesselation in Painter at the moment. You can paint at any resolution. You cannot change the shader, so no cutoff or opacity channel. You can still use Iray's options to create a translucent material such as glass or wax.

Not everyone will read all this messages so if you now allow to modify MAT you better should write it in the main rules.

Is it allowed to paint MAT as a tribute to some universe? For example, painting it to look like a stormtrooper, or a comics superhero (of course, not showing any logos nor any other thing that would directly infringe copyright)

This thread isn't pinned to the top. Took me a bit to find it.

Is it allowed to use Zbrush or other sculpting program to create highpoly model for baking base input textures (normal, ao, curvature) in Substance Painter?

Hi. Can we switch from metalness to specular shader?

Hi! It's possible done more images? I'd like to do a squad, like a power rangers ahah

Hello I have two questions.
1. Can we use parallax mapping?
2. Is it OK to have different "facial expressions" on figure since it would be a nice thing to convey the character?