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Are you surrounded by a collection of vinyl figurines born in the minds of brilliant artists? For those who aren't familiar with them, these designer toys aren't just for kids – they're stylized miniatures of creative awesomeness for all ages.

Unleash your imagination, push the limits of Substance Painter, and show us how you would picture MAT, our new art toy mascot. To you, is he a muddy little soldier, an Italian scooter, an alien waiting to invade earth? Or something else entirely?

For this contest the task is simple: nothing to model, no UV to unwrap – MAT is already fully modeled and is waiting to come to life with your brushstrokes!

The contest runs from April 27th to May 11th and prizes include NVidia Quadro cards, Wacom Cintiqs, Mobile Studio Pro tablets and more!

For detailled rules and guidelines, see our Contest Page.
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As far as "default" shaders, that means we can't use anything else besides what we find in the program and the 12 free from Substance Source?

hi jeremie, quick question, is it ok to use substance share materials too (SBAR files)? thanks!

The Ruleset isn't very clear.
2. You must use the default Substance Painter shaders.
Does this apply to shaders as in materials you paint or as shading model like in Substance Designer (Material Definitions)?

1. All texturing must be done in Substance Painter.
You may import data such as textures, alphas, or other assets into Substance Painter as long as the creative texturing work is done in Substance Painter. (You cannot simply import and apply final textures that have been created in another tool.)

If by shaders you refer to the materials we paint, is importing them from a SBAR file excluded from this rule and only the 14 materials linked in the announcement page are allowed?

I had hard time finding any info about entry limit. One person can submit only one Mat render or it is possible to submit as many different textured Ma version as one can produce?

Would be great to hear some more info about that second rule related to shaders. A bit confusing for me too.

Anyway, thanks a lot for this contest! Definitely will take a part in it, amazing chance and prizes are super great.

What we mean by shader is simply the shader applied by default to the character in Painter (pbr-metal-rough). You can use any kind of content to texture: custom substances, bitmaps, photos, etc. Whatever you need.
You can use substances from Substance Share or Substance Source too.

As for entries, one person can only submit one entry but that entry can contain multiple renders of the same paintjob.

Thanks Jeremie! Now it's clear :-).


Ciao!  It's is nice to meet you and I'm looking forward to participating.  I do have a few questions.  Can model be rigged into a pose other than the default pose for the final presentation?  Do you allow for the model to receive normal map work done in an application like Zbrush or etc....  I do understand the form cannot be changed in terms of altering its structure or changing its proportions, but can one run the model through an application in order to create some normal maps outside of that of Substance Painter.  Thank you for considering my questions and I'm looking forward to this challenge and pushing my knowledge and abilities more in Substance Painter.  Have a great day! 

- Lente

I'm definitely interested In this contest. I think its awesome you all are doing one focusing just on painting rather then 3D modeling prowess. Very cool! Kudos!

It's been a bit since I've used the software since I have been so busy with work. When you say the standard PBR shader it starts with that shader does not support emissive channel does it? Gosh I can't remember! Ill have to just open it up and look again :P

@Lente Scura No, the model can't be rigged or posed, same for modeling or sculpting details in another app. The emphasis is really on what you can bring to the materials and texture in Substance Painter to make the toy your own.
But again, anything you could add in s sculpting package, you can likely add by painting and stamping with custom normal map decals with the brush and projection tool.

Awesome contest, guys!
Can I use my own filters and generators, wich I have made in Designer for that contest?

Of course!

Is it okay to post our various concepts till we decide which direction to go with our final design?
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Is there a reason mat is an obj, while the video given says its supposed to be an fbx? The map is kind of freaking out.

I'm still on SP 1.7.3 and would like to join in, however the problem is that I can't access version 2 for the contest (evaluation) as it says the session expired (probably took a peek at Painter 2 awhile back). Any chance I can get that reset for the contest as well as give it a proper evaluation? 

ADD: Decided to just bite the bullet and upgrade.
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