Author Topic: Baking normal map issues (Blender > SP > Unity)  (Read 1539 times)

Hi, I need some help with baking normal maps. I have created a simple low and high poly models of gates in blender. But when I started to bake from a high poly model, some artifacts appears. Maybe smooth shading in blender caused this, I'm not sure.

Highpoly model in Blender -
Lowpoly model in Blender -
Normals in SP 01 -
Normals in SP 02 -
Normals in Unity -
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Hey, do you mind sharing you high and low res?

Sure, here fbx files exported from blender.

Strangely this is not as visible on mine than on yours: smooth shading can be a factor, but not only: you can try with sharp edges, but you may have some artifacts as well...
did you play with the bakers settings ?