Author Topic: Iray Height Control?  (Read 2478 times)

Where is the control for height in Iray?

Did you change the Height force in the real time viewport settings? You shouldn't since this parameter is only cosmetic for the viewport and will not reflect in Iray on in the exported textures.

Adjust the height strenght in each layers opacity instead.

I did change the universal strength under viewer settings.  I couldn't lower the opacity of the height layer as I brought in my own height map.  If I lowered it, it would be too weak upon export.  Your documents show a height control in the Iray window.  Is this no longer available?

The height control in Iray was to control displacement, not height+normal detail. It's been removed because of some issues with the Iray SDK at the time.
In your case, you need to bring down the height parameter in the layer directly instead of the viewer settings. This can be done even with height maps you imported. Switch the layer stack to Height through the top left drow down box, and adjust the apropriate layer's opacity next to the blending mode.

Thanks Jeremie.  I'll give it a try.