Author Topic: ability to rename texture exports: super important for color variations  (Read 3881 times)

Hey there!

So a couple of us have been introducing Substance Painter into the feature animation pipepline at Cinesite.

There is one feature in particular that we feel is needed, and that is the ability to custom name our texture exports. For example, lets say you have an object that is going to repeated throughout a scene, but with different colors/textures. It would be awesome to be able to export all those maps from one substance painter file and name them accordingly. Our current work around is to have one SP file per variation, or have multiple map folders and rename the textures afterwards (extra work).

If this functionality exists let us know. If not, it would be a great feature to add.


It will be added very soon.

Awesome news!


Great news!

Was this added?

Yes, you can rename texture sets by double clicking on them in the list.

Yes, you can rename texture sets by double clicking on them in the list.

That's cool but not really what this thread meant (I think). For example say we've got the textureset name CubeMaterial. We've then got two groups with different materials, let's say Green and Red (for different color variations). Now when we want to export this cube two times, each with one of these two variations we need to do something because if we export twice and only changing the visible group (material) the textures get overwritten!

The op said he either saved multiple substance project files (and used the $project thing, no idea what the correct name is) or renamed the textures after every export. Both of these methods suck when you want to batch export a bunch of different texture variations for the same mesh.

A solution could be something like $selection that prints the name of the selected thing (group, layer or whatever) when exporting.